A Tourist City of Zaporizhia

The city of Zaporizhia is the administrative center of the Zaporizhia region in Ukraine, located on the banks of the mighty Dnieper River, next to the unique in its beauty island of Khortytsia. In the riverbed of the Dnieper River there is no island that would compare with Khortytsia in size, beauty and values of natural and historical monuments.

Zaporizhia is a tourist city with a lot of sights. There is the longest street in Europe — Prospekt Lenina. It stretches from the station Zaporozhye-1 and DnieproGES. Its length is more than 11 kilometers.

Being one of the main industrial cities of Ukraine, residents of Zaporizhia very often require scientific and technical translations, which are one of the most complex types of translation. In some cases, for translation within a reasonable time the team of translators must be formed and coordinated. This type of translation requires the highest quality.

Technical translation refers to translations of specialized texts. Such translation requires proper understanding of specific technical knowledge. This allows you to ensure accuracy of translations.

Translation of scientific and technical texts or technical documentation includes the branches with a high degree of specialization, which are very developed in Zaporizhia. These are industries such as aerospace, metallurgy, petrochemical and energy industries, shipbuilding, construction and architecture, automotive, electronics, renewable energy, mining, programming, robotics, telecommunications, etc.

Among the most common documents with which a technical translator works in Zaporizhia: installation instructions, user manuals, repair manuals, service manuals, technical specifications, certificates and other documentation.

Quite often, customers from Zaporizhia factories apply to a translation agency, providing diagrams or drawings as source materials. These are very complex orders related to the field of technical translation. The realities are such that only specialists of a narrow profile will adequately cope with this task.

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