Accurate and Professional Translations in Lahore

The city, population of which exceeds 2.5 million people and which is the capital of the Punjab province, is called Lahore. The city is located on the Rivi River and borders with India.

Among other cities of Pakistan, this city enjoys great popularity among travelers and tourists; it’s the most visited center of culture and education of Pakistan. Lahore in ancient times was the center of Mongolian culture. Here there are burials, mausoleums, all antiquities and a huge number of mosques. Most of the monuments are the part that was inherited from the Mongols at the time when this city was their residence. The remarkable fact is that the great Mongols were crowned in the city of Lahore.

The construction of the colonization era and the area of English parks are called the Mall. The museum in Lahore is the largest and best in the whole country. In addition, here you can see the school in which at one time Imran Khan received knowledge (English Atichison College) and Fortress of Lahore with imposing halls, beautiful palaces and gardens.

The classic image of the east is the Old Town with ponies, rickshaws, women wear paranja, carriages for transportation, narrow streets.

Airport named Allama Iqbal (Allama Iqbal International Airport) is located about 15 km from Lahore. It has three terminals and flies to major cities in Asia and Europe. Lahore also has an office of the Pakistan Railways.

Translation services

The most developed industries in Lahore, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• metalworking — project documentation, drawings, technical and designed-estimated documentation, service manuals;
• mechanical engineering — guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• pharmaceutical — production of medical and laboratory equipment, scientific articles in the field of the latest achievements of medicine;
• computer accessories — maintenance instructions of various devices and applications, translation of technical equipment descriptions etc.;
• construction — translate service manuals to construction cranes, autodumpers, bulldozers, hydraulic hammers, concrete mixers, rollers and much more;
• transportation — Custom Cargo Declarations, waybills, packing lists.

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