All Industries in Karachi Need Professional Translators

Karachi is the Pakistan’s largest city, which is many times larger by the number of inhabitants than the rest of the country has. From 1947 to 1959 it was the capital of the state.

Looking at the multimillion Karachi megapolis, where life rages both day and night, it’s hard to believe that this small town appeared instead of such a modest and charming fishing village.

Karachi is one of those cities in the world, in which, when trying to count the population, demographers just give up. The number of inhabitants spreading across the seams of the metropolis in the Arabian Sea can’t be accurately calculated: according to some estimates, more than 12 million people live in Karachi. This is an amazing amount, considering that up to the 17th century there was the tiny fishing village instead of the current industrial city.

In 1947, after the partition of India, Karachi became the capital of the Islamic part of Pakistan. However, this honorary title the city had only until 1959. After that, Rawalpindi became the seat of the government for the transition period, until in 1963 the title of capital passed to the new Islamabad city.

Karachi has many monuments and museums. In most of them, there is an atmosphere of «old England» and a little pathos.

Translation services

The most developed industries in Karachi, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• light industry — textile, cotton (translation of products, printed materials, which conducive to advancement of products and equipment);
• cement, steel, heavy engineering, car assembly (guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment, project documentation, drawings, technical and designed-estimated documentation, service manuals);
• petroleum refining (translation of instructions and manuals for operation of geological and reconnaissance and oil refining equipment);
• transport hubs: seaport, international airport, railway (Custom Cargo Declarations, waybills, packing lists);
• financial (bank documentation and nonbank documentation relating to insurance, stock exchange, investments, securities etc.);
• service industries: tourism, trade (translation of web-sites, menu, brochures, accompanying documents to goods — invoices, orders etc.).

Since there is a huge number of people in the megalopolis, its diaspora is quite diverse. Considering this, it may be necessary to study a particular foreign language in order to facilitate communication. For example, the Russian language, which can be studied on Skype, is a modern form of education firmly established in the educational system of many countries. This form of language learning is a worthy and full-fledged alternative to classical learning in traditional language centers. In view of this, the choice of programs offered on online courses is in no way inferior to the variability of programs in schools for learning languages.

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