Amazing Latvia and Situation with Russian Language

Latvia is a country in North East Europe located on shores of the Baltic Sea. It borders the other two Baltic States, Russia, and Byelorussia. The country attracts with its natural beauty, elegant towns, beautiful resorts, and leisured mode of life.

Latvia is famous for its clean lakes, amber sea, and sand drifts. Various towns still have ancient lamp posts; one can observe a real chimney-sweeper walk on the streets. Tiny and winding streets are real satisfaction for tourists. Every building here is amazing, graceful, individual, and has its own feelings and history. Foreign visitors experience a real fairytale when they see over ancient castles, familiarize themselves with unique culture, and listen to the most famous pipe organ of Riga Cathedral.

Another attraction for tourists is a rather developed recreation system containing perfect serviced beach resorts with mineral sources and therapeutical mud. These places are very popular among people from whole Europe, who want to improve their health. The main symbol of Latvia is a 42-meters` monument of Freedom, which embodies a woman with three stars in her hands. These stars symbolize main cultural and historical parts of Latvia.

Latvian is an official language of the country. At the same time, a greater part of Latvian population has perfect Russian skills. It can be easily explained by the fact that, on the one hand, Latvia was a part of the USSR (where Russian was the official language) and, on the other hand, Russia and Latvia had had close business relations until Latvia imposed anti-Russian sanctions. This political crisis, however, have not influenced Latvian people who still keep speaking Russian. Naturally, speaking Russian implies learning it. That is why some Latvians attend special courses while others hire Russian tutors in the Internet. These services provide clients with the possibility to learn the Russian languages in the most convenient way staying at home since such lessons are given per Skype.

Meanwhile, the country also features with rather extended network of translation services. These companies employ professional experts who are ready to render any materials from English into Russian. The highest quality is their main principle. Latvian translators specialize in such spheres as legislation, medicine, finance, and technologies. Another advantage of Latvian translation firms is relatively low prices compared to the other Baltic States.

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