Armenians as the Most Ancient Nation

Armenia is a state located in a southern part of Transcaucasus. It borders Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran. Armenian population is about 3 million people. The country is situated on Armenian Highland that is also known as historical Armenia. This region is a native homeland of Armenians – one of the most ancient nations in the world. The relief is mainly hilly – about 90% of the whole territory is at an altitude of 1.000-3.000 meters above sea level. Mount Ararat, one of the most important Armenian symbols, is now located within the Turkish borders. Though Armenia is situated in Asia, it is aimed at Europe concerning political and economic targets.

Business activities are conducted in lowland regions of the state. Armenia features with several climatic zones. Peculiarities of the mountainous relief protect a greater party of the country from cold winds and wet air. Armenia has deposits of gold, molybdenum, cooper, building stone and other minerals.

The official language of the country is Armenian. However, taking into account certain historical moments and the fact that there are a lot of Russian people living there, a greater part of the population either speaks fluently or understands this language. It is also explained by close economic connections between Armenia and the Russian Federation. If some people speak it, there must be other people who teach the Russian language. It refers to different tutors who offer their services to those people wanting to improve their knowledge of this foreign language. These tutors can be subdivided into two groups – representatives of the first one live in Armenia while members of the other group can live in any other world country. The fact is that they are remote tutors, which means that they give Russian lessons by Skype. It is very convenient in conditions of the modern world.

At the same time, Armenia cooperates not only with Russia, but also with other world countries. Naturally, the language of these relations is English, which results in a rather developed translation network in Armenia. One of the most popular translation directions is from English into Russian. Professional specialists are always ready to translate any materials at the highest quality. Nevertheless, the most experienced translation firms specialize in rendering technical, financial, legal and medical information.

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