Attractive and Relative Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is a medium state located in Central Europe. Mainly, Belarus is a lowland country with a temperate climate. Agricultural areas and forests occupy an essential part of the Belorussian territory. The country has a rather extensive river network and a great number of moors. A large amount of natural resources can be found in Belarus. Peat is the main energy resource in Belarus and it can easily be extracted because fields of this material lie around the whole country. The greatest mineral values of the country are deposits of rock salt and potassium fertilizers. The Belorussian economic demands can be met with the help of inland natural resources only in such spheres as fertilizers, salt, building materials, water, and wood.

Considering the above mentioned information, Belarus is said to be a very attractive country to move in. This fact is supported by a positive migration balance. Most of all, these immigrants come from CIS and Baltic states. They find living conditions in Belarus rather decent to live in this country.

Taking into account a peculiar geographical position and a common history, Belarus and Russia have rather close relations not only at governmental level, but also at the level of ordinary people. It results in the fact that Russian and Belorussian are the official languages in the state. Local people learn the Russian language at schools and institutes as well as hire Russian tutors. Modern developed technologies have made it possible that the people who want to learn this foreign language may find an appropriate specialist in the Internet. Moreover, such specialists will give their lessons remotely, for example, by Skype. It is very convenient for such people who do not have enough time to attend language courses.

Since Belarus is located between the Russian Federation and Western Europe, this country performs the function of a mediator. That is why a lot of business and political contracts and agreements are conducted in this country. Naturally, these documents require qualitative language support. To this end, there was established a great number of translation firms specializing in translation from English into Russian.

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