Azerbaijan and its Rich Traditions

Azerbaijan is a country of ancient culture and traditions. It is an independent state with a dynamically developing economy as well as social and cultural spheres. Every year, the country implements large international projects, organizes economic conferences, sport competitions and musical forums. This blessed, generous and delicate land was a home for many philosophers, scientists, poets, architects, musicians, and artists. Famous Azerbaijani carpets seem to absorb natural colors and the richest history of this region. Nowadays, they can be found almost in every world country that can values cultural heritage.

The Azerbaijani capital, Baku, is a large scientific, technical and industrial center. Taking into account its antiquity, territorial majesty, and number of the population, Baku is one of the most ancient cities in the Orient. The city is also famous for its exhibition and concert halls, art galleries, theaters, museums, developed network of international hotels, amazing restaurants, and beaches where people may swim and take the sun during five months of a year. Also, the whole country is known because of extremely popular curative oil resorts. These services are highly appreciated by rich people. So, considering the above mentioned, one can say that Azerbaijan is a very convenient country for tourists.

Since the Azerbaijani nation respects its own culture and traditions, Azerbaijani is the only official language in the state. However, it does not mean that ordinary people do not know any foreign language. Taking into account close business connections between Azerbaijan and Russia, the both peoples must learn the languages of their partners. That is why we can easily observe Russian people visit this Asian pearl and Azerbaijani emigrants work in the Russian Federation. It is not a secret that the size of Azerbaijani expatriate community in Russia is huge. So, it means that these workers must move there at least with surface knowledge of the Russian language. And it can be achieved with the help of remote Russian tutors who offer their services in the Internet. Technically, such specialists are able to share their knowledge with any foreign student who has an access to the Internet.

Moreover, Russian is not the only foreign language spoken in Azerbaijan. Another one is English because it is the language of international communication. At the same time, these two foreign languages also cooperate. It can be supported by a large number of qualified translation firms throughout the country. They employ only highly experienced specialists who are able to translate materials of any kind from English into Russian.

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