Bulgaria and the Russian Language

Bulgaria is located in the East of the Balkan Peninsula and has a wide Black Sea coast. The country is famous for its Black Sea and ski resorts. Bulgaria is a country that can hosts tourists all year round. In summers, tourists attend luxurious beaches with golden sand and developed area, while winter months offer ski trails of different difficulty levels and a great number of other possibilities for active recreation.

Bulgaria has a rather beneficial geographic location. Thus, a maximum temperature during summer is 30 degrees Celsius above zero. The list of other advantages consists of clean sand beaches, smooth sea bottom, and absence of dangerous sea dwellers. Also, Bulgarian resorts feature competitive prices.

Considering everything mentioned above it is quite clear that Bulgaria is annually attended by a great number of tourists from different European countries. Visitors from the Russian Federation form a large group among them. They spend their money and fill the local economy. Consequently, the government is interested in a greater intake of these tourists. That is why it controls the level of services in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments that are regularly visited by Russian tourists. Thus, servicemen are obliged to learn Russian.

The most economical way to learn the Russian language in Bulgaria it is to hire an online-tutor. The fact is that these specialists give lessons by Skype at any convenient time, and they provide the services at a reasonable price. The Internet is full of offers from such experts, so it is very easy to find one of them. In fact, Russian is learnt not only by the servicemen. Since Bulgaria is located not far from Russia, these two countries have organized foreign exchange. As a result, numerous students learn Russian to visit this country and contain their education. Finally, Russian is learnt by those Bulgarian citizens who have friends or relatives in this huge country.

Translation Services in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an economically developed country. Thus, it has close business relations with Russia. Different companies and enterprises organize common projects to make more money. Understandably, these projects require deals and contracts to be legal. That is why Bulgaria has an extensive network of translation firms specializing in rendering different materials from English into Russian.

Though legislation is the main sphere of application of these services, English-Russian translation is also employed in other spheres of life. For example, Russian emigrants who want to permanently live in Bulgaria need their personal documents to be translated. Finally, translators from English into Russia are employed in diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the Russian Federation, because English is the language of international communication.

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