Capital City of Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital and the second largest city in Scotland. It attracts over 1 billion tourists every year and has all the reasons to be one of the most amazing and picturesque places of the United Kingdom. Its unique history and significant sights will leave nobody untouched. English is the main speaking language here, but some people do use Scots English.

It might be difficult for those appreciating literature and reading to find a city better than Edinburgh. 2004 witnessed that the UNESCO awarded the title of The City of Literature to Edinburgh. It is the city where both known classic and modern writers have created their works that are famous throughout the whole world. The city is said to be the “all-purpose city”, which means that Edinburgh is equally suitable and convenient for young families with children, older people, and even noisy crews. In other words, everyone who has come to the city will find something to his liking.

The Scottish capital is deemed to be a perfectly developed city from the point of view of the economy, with the tertiary industries being its basis. Tourism, modern technologies, and banking establishments are main business players. It is this city that hosts headquarters of such well-known international banks as the Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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