Capital of Northern Ireland

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is a small picturesque city by the Irish Sea. Compared to other cities of the United Kingdom, Belfast is rather young; it obtained the city title only in the late 19th century. At present, the city is an industrial center and the main port of the nation. It has large shipbuilding facilities, developed light industries, and university. Belfast attracts great number of tourists by its monuments of the Victorian architecture, quite and clean streets, as well as aerosol arts dedicated to British and world politics.

Apart from it, the city offers a huge number of sights that may be attractive for every tourist. First of all, it refers to Donegall Square i.e. a historic center of the city. This square has City Hall, the architecture of which is represented by the mixture of different styles; main Linen Hall Library storing works of famous Irish artists; Big Opera Hall; as well as exuberant hotels and pubs. Moreover, Belfast suburbs are also full of interesting places including the Castle of Belfast, Northern Irish Department in Stormont, and the county zoo.

The city is rather popular among people from the Russian Federation. The Russian expatriate community in Belfast is quite large, which is supported by the fact that early 2017 witnessed Russian Fair, with a lot of Russian-speaking people from all over the world visited it. Moreover, Belfast hosts one of the biggest Russian-speaking schools in Britain. In fact, this school is attended not only by people of Russian origin, but also by local people, which leads to the situation that this language spreads very quickly. So, people may learn Russian just to communicate in particular districts of Belfast. Naturally, adults may not attend any schools, so they hire online tutors to learn the Russian language. Services of these experts are very convenient and are also suitable for those businessmen who maintain contacts with Russian partners. Finally, this language is learnt by people intending to visit Russia.

Staying abroad, people often face difficulties with a foreign language both in communication and concerning documents. Such problems can be easily solved with the help of professional translation firms that are present in Belfast. These firms provide the services of translating texts with their further affirmation, notarized translation from English into Russian, and legalization of foreign documents. These services are highly requested by immigrants or representatives of a business sector.

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