Capital of the USA

Washington is the capital of the United States of America. This city was called after the first American President George Washington. It was G Washington who pointed the place of the future capital, what was on River Potomac between Maryland and Virginia in 1790. Washington does not belong to any state and is said to be a separate establishment – District Columbia, borders of which coincide with those of the city.

Washington hosts the White House, the residency of the U.S. President. Also, the city has a great number of governmental institutions including the Congress and the U.S. Senate. City inhabitants can observe the Pentagon, more than 170 embassies of foreign states, and numerous head-quarters including those of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Washington has a diverse and developing economy, with the federal government possessing its most important part. Physical proximity to the state authorities has resulted in the fact that legal firms, manufacturers, lobbyists, and trade unions try to establish their main offices and head-quarters in Washington, which makes the city extremely popular throughout the USA and the whole world.

Despite the current tendency throughout the USA, one can not say that a lot of Russian emigrants live in Washington. However, it does not influence the situation that local people in Washington do learn the Russian language. First of all, it refers to employees of corresponding embassies. Then, considering a current political state of affairs in the world, some American politicians must learn Russian to better understand their partners or opponents. Since the Russian expatriate community in the city is rather small, they have not established special language courses or even Russian-speaking schools. That is why Russian can be learnt only with the help of online tutors. These experts can be easily found in the Internet and are suitable for Washington inhabitants because they give their lessons by Skype, which allow staying at home and choosing any convenient time for the lessons.

As any other developed American city, Washington has a great number of translation firms. Considering a specific rank of the city, a great majority of their employees deals with political translation from English into Russian. Translators of these firms are only highly educated specialists with a rich experience, which allows obtaining target materials of a perfect quality. Since America is a powerful state with a great number of foreign partners and a large scale of foreign interests, translators must work hard and untiringly.

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