Charlotte — Queen City

Charlotte is a city in an Eastern part of the USA and the largest city in the state of North Carolina. Its population amounts at about 800 000 people. A popular nickname of Charlotte is Queen City.

At present, Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the country after New York. Apart from Bank of America head-quartering in Charlotte, the city has a lot of other financial organizations. A greater part of them is situated in skyscrapers scattered across uptown. Contrary to other American cities, the terms uptown and downtown in Charlotte denote one and the same business center of the city. The uptown has various museums, hotels, and sports arenas. Also, it is a place of employment for about 70 000 citizens. In average, uptown Charlotte is annually attended by more than 25 million people. Some of them prefer stormy night-life, while others are attracted by restaurants, cafes, clubs, and pubs.

That is why Charlotte is extremely popular among tourists from all over the world. As a result, a great number of foreign people in the city leads to high importance of translation services from English into Russian. Numerous translation firms employ real experts who are able to translate different kinds of source materials. First of all, these services are requested by tourists to settle into a hotel or to participate in an excursion. The second big group of clients of the translation services is made up of representatives of different business organizations. In fact, they cooperate with Russian partners to develop mutual relations, and financial translators are necessary for this cooperation. Finally, English-Russian translators are hired by Russian emigrants who intend to permanently live in Charlotte. These people need to translate personal documents to legally live in the American city.

Moreover, there are a lot of people in Charlotte who learn Russian by themselves. Under the conditions of the city, this language can be learnt only with the help of online-tutors who give Russian lessons by Skype. In fact, these tutors` services are rather convenient both for young and older people because the lessons can be organized at any convenient time.

These tutors have certain clients in Charlotte. Firstly, they are local citizens who want to move into a Russian-speaking city. Secondly, a high number of international corporations results in the fact that numerous employees are forced to go to a business trip into Russia where these corporations have subsidiaries. In conclusion, servicemen of different hotels and restaurants can be obliged to learn Russian if these establishments are extremely popular among Russian tourists. As it can be seen, all these people have different reasons to learn the language but their goals can be achieved by the same means.

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