City of Hospitable Citizens

Trip into England is always interesting, fascinating, and insightful despite a city you want to visit. It is supported by the fact that citizens of Plymouth welcome foreign guests very attentively and with open arms. Today, Plymouth accounts for about 250 000 people. The city has a great number of restaurants, pubs, shops, theaters, and sports facilities. However, suburbs of Plymouth are appreciated by the tourists most of all. There are picturesque landscapes, numerous sights including both ancient buildings and natural monuments in the city. Everything here looks good to the eye and attracts an attention with beauty and extravagance.

Compared to other English cities, Plymouth features quite a mild and warm weather, which allows local people cultivating various exotic plants. An average annual temperature in this city is about 11 degrees Centigrade. Nobody will be surprised that precipitations are a usual phenomenon for Great Britain. Plymouth, however, witnesses a greater part of them during autumn and winter months. The best tourist period in this city is summer.

Since the city is attractive for tourists from the whole world, Plymouth receives a great number of guests from different countries every year. These guests bring parts of their own countries and cultures into the city. Tourists of Russian origin form a large part of them, which results in a high popularity of Russian tutors there. Moreover, there are various Russian-language forums, courses and web-sites. In other words, the city has all conditions for online tutors to work there. Offers of these specialists can be easily found in the Internet. Their services are very convenient for businessmen who need to learn the Russian language for different purposes within the shortest possible period of time.

Plymouth has a rather extensive network of translation firms, which is predetermined by a great demand for these services. The fact is that there are numerous firms and organizations that cooperate with Russian partners, and all the agreements or contracts must be concluded in two languages – English and Russian. On the other hand, a high popularity of the translation firms in Plymouth is explained by Russian firms that have their subsidiaries in the city. To this end, the best translators in Plymouth specialize in translation from English into Russian. The main advantage of these services is competitive prices.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

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Laura Butler, Ireland

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