City of Jazz and Blues

Chicago is the third most populated city in the United States of America. Unofficially, it is also called Chicagoland. However, local citizens are not unanimous what territories comprise Chicagoland. But, it should be noted separately that the city drifts smoothly into its suburbs. So, when somebody speaks about Chicago, he means the city itself and its surrounding territories.

Located on the South-Western shore of the Lake of Michigan, Chicago has rather short, but quite intensive history. Being not only one of the largest cities in the USA, it is a big transport, industrial, economic and cultural center of the nation. Also, the city is a stronghold of the Democrats, which has resulted in the fact that many influential politicians have come from this city. Recently, Chicago became known as a main financial center in the world. Moreover, Chicago O`Hare International Airport is said to be one of the most crowded airports across the globe. Every year, about one million people attend the city.

Chicago is also famous for its jazz and blues clubs. Those guests of the city who are not interested in music can have supper and drink a glass of wine in one of luxurious restaurants scattered across the downtown. Every visitor may enjoy perfect dishes of both traditional and exotic cuisine.

Since the city has a developed infrastructure, it is popular not only among tourists, but also among migrants from the Russian Federation and other world countries. So, one can say that the city is cosmopolitan. And it is not a surprise that such immigrants bring parts of their own cultures into Chicago. Naturally, these new citizens learn not only English, but also Russian in order not to forget their roots. The best way to learn Russian is to hire an online tutor who gives perfect lessons by Skype. Also, Russian is learnt by servicemen of up-market restaurants and hotels, businessmen who have partners from Russia, students intending to continue their education in Russia, and by tourists who want to visit this large and beautiful country.

Being a cosmopolitan city, Chicago features a rather advanced network of translation services from English into Russian. The most essential sphere in this network is a notarized translation of different documents. Since these papers are extremely important for life and various activities, they must be translated only by experts with appropriate qualification and skills. The main clients of Chicago translation firms are Russian immigrants and businessmen because it is quite significant to use services of professional translators while concluding different agreements with foreign partners.

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