City of Millionaires

Cleveland is a large city in the Midwest of the USA. It is located in a Northern part of Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. Cleveland is not a capital of the state, but is a center of a large state agglomeration called Big Cleveland.

Cleveland geographical location became a key factor in the city growth. A developed railway transportation service helped Cleveland to turn into an industrial center and become the city of millionaires. However, the situation has changed and now the city suffers from budgetary problems and job slashing. Though the city is concentrated on the development of big projects in the city center, numerous districts keep witnessing decay in their infrastructure.

Cleveland is divided into numerous districts, each of which has its peculiar character and reflects ethnical, cultural and architectural diversity of the city. Public Square i.e. the central square of the city is said to be its heart. It is Public Square that has three highest buildings, Old Stone Church, as well as impressive Soldiers` and Sailors` Monument.

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