City of Three Rivers

Pittsburgh is a large city situated in the state of Pennsylvania. The city is located at a picturesque place in the North-West of the USA where the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River interflow and create the River of Ohio. The city is also famous for its sports teams including football, hockey and baseball ones.

Being an industrial center, Pittsburgh has survived a great amount of economic and cultural problems since the moment when a steelmaking industry began to decline. Though it used to be The Steel City, Pittsburgh faced suspensions of production, dismissals, and ecological problems but managed to restructure the economy and get rid of the depression, as compared to neighboring industrial cities. Today, the city economy is based on health care, education, finances, tourism, and technologies. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is the largest employer in the region.

Considering such an important role of the university for the city, it is quite clear that its staff organizes international seminars, maintains close relations with foreign partners, and participates in different conferences throughout the world. To tell the truth, it can be possible only with the help of educated translators from English into Russian who are recruited in numerous language firms working in Pittsburgh. These services are very convenient because they are cheap and allow obtaining target materials of the highest quality within a reasonable period of time. However, the translation services are also hired by Russian emigrants who live in Pittsburgh, businessmen who need to correspond with Russian partners, and representatives of main economic spheres.

As for the Russian language itself, it performs an essential role in Pittsburgh. First of all, it is the language of the Russian expatriate community in the city. Then, this language is also learnt by students or academicians intending to participate in seminars or conferences in Russia. Finally, there can be cases when some sportsmen are forced to move into Russia, which makes them learn this language by themselves. Of course, any language can not be learnt without the help of experts. Thus, prospective learners hire online tutors in order to learn Russian by Skype.

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