City with Dangerous River

Dallas is a big city that is located in a Southern part of the United States of America. It is the ninth most populated city in the USA accounting for about 1.3 million people. Dallas is a comparatively young city, even from the American point of view. It was founded in 1841. It is interesting that nobody knows roots of this name.

As many other world cities, Dallas is situated on a river. The downtown is crossed by River Trinity that is not full-flowing, but that embodies the constant danger to flood the city. That is why its banks are equipped with 15-meter quays that are to prevent this situation. Despite this danger, the river is a vital water resource for the city. Thus, local people and tourists should preserve its reaches turning its banks into recreational and park zones. The Lake of White Rock is another important water source for the city. It was manually created in the early 20th century to the North-East from the downtown. The lake and surrounding parks are a popular holiday destination. Eastern shores of the lake host Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

It is rather interesting that a lot of people in Dallas learn Russian. Purposes of such learning are quite different. Somebody learns Russian because one of his ancestors was of Russian origin; others have friends or beloved persons from Russia. Also, numerous people learn the Russian language just because they like Russian culture or want to live there. Of course, it is difficult to learn this language in the foreign country. Fortunately, the Internet has a lot of offers of online tutors who give Russian lessons by Skype. To tell the truth, services of such experts have certain advantages. First of all, their prices are reasonable. Secondly, they enable learning at any convenient time. Finally, very often, these tutors have perfect education and rich experience, which contributes to more efficient learning of the language.

Also, such a developed level of Russian has resulted in the fact that it has intruded the translation industry of Dallas. Consequently, there are a lot of translation firms employing only highly educated specialists who can perform the best translation from English into Russian within the shortest possible period. First of all, these services are used by emigrants and tourists who need to translate personal documents for living. Also, translators work while local businessmen conclude different agreements with their Russian partners. Considering the fact that Dallas has big airports, translation services are employed there to organize the work of international flights.