American City with Strong and Modern Economy

Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the state of Pennsylvania and a very important city for the USA. In accordance with statistical data, about 1.5 million people live in the city. Philadelphia is located in a Southern part of the United States of America close to the Delaware.

The city has a strong and modern economy. The most important spheres include industrial production, food industry, oil refinery, finance, health services, and tourism. Also, thanks to a great number of specialized universities and establishments, Philadelphia is thought to be a national center of legal studies.

Independence Hall and the pavilion with Liberty Bell are the most important sights of Philadelphia. However, the entire historic district that is situated between the Delaware and the downtown is also interesting. The historic center is a quiet and characteristic place. Narrow streets, huge amount of parks and squares, as well as districts of stone buildings with inimitable architecture of previous centuries are full of extremely attractive sights and monuments. The most prominent of them, as Girard Fountain Park, Betsy Ross House, Christ Church, and Philadelphia Custom House are situated side by side.

Though it is quite unexpected, the Russian language is rather popular in Philadelphia. The fact is that there are a lot of emigrants from Russia living there. They have even established their own district with racy shops. Naturally, people in this district speak Russian and try to make their children learn this language. Some of them may attend special courses, but most of them hire online Russian tutors. Such services are very convenient because they enable learning just in front of computers staying at home. Also, the services of these tutors are requested by students of universities who plan to continue their education in Russia. Considering a rather developed level of the economy in Philadelphia, many local firms have close business relationships with Russian partners, which obliges them to learn the native language of their partners.

Of course, far from everyone can learn the Russian language by themselves. That is why the city has a great number of professional translation firms that deal with translation of different materials from English into Russian. As in many other cities, immigrants from Russia are main clients of these firms. To live and work there, they must translate their documents, first of all. Furthermore, representatives of the local firms mentioned above can either learn the Russian language or hire professional translators. Finally, services of such experts allow saving time.

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