City with the Most Loaded Naval Base

San Diego is the second most populated city in the state of California after Los Angeles. It is among ten largest American cities. San Diego is situated on the Western coast of the Pacific Ocean and borders Mexico. More than 1.3 million people live in this city.

Hosting the U.S. Navy, San Diego has the most loaded naval base in the world. Coronado Port disposes several aircraft carriers, other warships, and numerous submarines. This situation has led to the development of defense, shipbuilding and aerospace industries. However, geopolitical changes of the early 21st century made the city dismantle war programs and strengthen diversification economy. As a result, main economic spheres in San Diego are represented by tourism, agriculture, military manufacturing, electrical engineering, telecommunications, and financial services.

To tell the truth, San Diego is extremely popular among tourists and emigrants from the whole world, which is explained by the warm Ocean, soft climate, luxurious beaches, and unique culture of local citizens. Of course, sights play not the last role here attracting more and more people with every passing year.

In order to provide tourists with the best services, employers oblige servicemen to learn different foreign languages. Thus, numerous people in San Diego learn Russian. Of course, it could be difficult to learn this language in the American city, but the Internet performs magic. Such software products as Skype allow organizing lessons between people who are in different countries. The only necessary thing is to have an Internet access, which is very convenient for conditions of a loaded city. Apart from the servicemen, Russian is also learnt by Russian emigrants living in San Diego and by scientists who plan to participate in different international conferences organized by Russian colleagues.

Considering the fact that the American economy is not separated from the rest of the world, it is quite clear that translation services from English into Russian are necessary for its development. As a result, San Diego has a lot of translation firms who are able to perform the best translation of military, financial, agricultural and technical materials. Globally speaking, the translation services reflect the state of the city economy. Apart from these focused fields, translators in San Diego render personal documents for traveling or educational purposes.

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