Columbus — City with Boring Downtown

Columbus is a large city in Midwest and a capital of Ohio. It is situated on the River of Scioto. Columbus ranks among 20 largest cities in the USA, with its population amounting at about 800 000 people. In general, Columbus is said to be a pleasant place with a good reputation across the nation. It is a typical American city with kind citizens, developed infrastructure, but a bit boring downtown.

Columbus has Ohio State University – one of the largest universities in the USA with regard to the number of students (about 55 000 people study there). The mixture of the state government and the University provides the possibilities for city growth as well as for advanced technologies and economy. Port Columbus International Airport is a main city airport that serves both domestic and foreign flights. Canada and Mexico are the most popular directions.

Considering everything mentioned above, the city is extremely popular among students and those people preferring restful life. That is why such people from all over the world move to Columbus in order to settle there. As a result, the city hosts emigrants from different world countries, with a Russian expatriate community being among them. The people of Russian origin try to create their smaller motherland within Columbus introducing their native culture. First of all, it can be done with the help of the Russian language. Thus, these emigrants speak it by themselves and try to distribute it among American citizens.

In consequence, Columbus can be characterized by popular services of online tutors. These specialists can be easily found in the Internet, and their services are rather requested because they combine reasonable prices and the highest quality of the knowledge obtained. Moreover, these tutors enable learning Russian by Skype just in font of computers. Apart from the Russian emigrants, these services are also hired by local students who want either to continue their education in a Russian-speaking country or to get acquainted with the Russian cultural heritage without exterior help. Finally, Russian is learnt by those local citizens who intend moving from the city into Russian one.

Furthermore, Columbus features a rather developed network of translation firms. The fact is that the city has a developed economy that must cooperate with foreign partners. To enable this cooperation, the translation firms employ highly educated specialists who are able to translate various materials from English into Russian. First of all, such language specialists are employed at the Airport to keep in contact with Russian airports. Secondly, these translators are to satisfy demands of the scientific sector represented by the University. In fact, numerous students and professors participate in international conferences and seminars held in the Russian Federation. Finally, there are a lot of firms and companies that maintain close business relations with Russian partners. Thus, legal translation from English into Russian is of great importance for these relations.

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