Conurbation in Northern England

Teesside is the name used to denote a conurbation in a northern part of England, with Midllesbrough being its administrative center. Also, it used to be the name of local government district in the late 20th century. Nowadays, Teesside is said to stay an important center of heavy industry despite the fact that the number of its inhabitants employed has been dramatically reduced.

For the whole country, this region is famous because of the University, retail and leisure park, as well as International Airport that has direct connection with many world countries. However, it does not mean that this airport is popular among tourists; it is used mainly for internal purposes.

Historical development has resulted in the fact that such traditional industries as steelmaking and chemical production have been replaced by hi-tech activities, scientific development, and important tertiary services. However, it does not mean that the industries mentioned first have disappeared.

Taking into account the fact that all these industries can not develop in isolation, they maintain rather close contacts with foreign partners. Russian companies are among them. Of course, the main language of these relations is English, which means that a greater part of agreements and contracts is concluded in it. However, English businessmen are recommended to learn the Russian language to understand the culture and set of mind of their foreign partners. For busy businessmen, lessons by Skype are the only way to learn Russian. That is why services of remote tutors are extremely popular in the given region. Moreover, they are rather competitive, which is highly appreciated also by ordinary people who are forced to learn this foreign language for different purposes.

Such international contacts increase the importance of full-time translator in every enterprise, if any. In cases when a company does not have a full-time position of translator, it hires a professional specialist from a translation firm. Fortunately for such companies, Teesside has a lot of translation firms that specialize in rendering different materials from English into Russian, with industrial and legal materials being the most popular subjects of translation.

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