Cuba — Republic of 1 500 Islands

Cuba is sea and sun, colors and aromas, exotic nature and unique urban architecture, as well as comfortable hotels and amazing beaches. Cuba is the ideal place to become familiar with the Caribbean Islands.

The Republic of Cuba is situated in the Caribbean Sea between North America and South America. In fact, Cuba is a gate leading into the Gulf of Mexico. This Republic has always been attracting foreign tourists not only with its tropical exotica, but also with a special coloring of the island life. To tell the truth, the Cuban Archipelago consists of about 1 500 small and big islands, with Cuba and the Isle of Pines being the largest ones among them. Considering this geographic peculiarity, Cuba has approximately 300 beaches created by the nature.

Spanish is the only official language in Cuba. However, certain chapters of history have resulted in a high popularity of the Russian language. The fact is that Cuba and the USSR had close economic and cultural relations in the late 20th century. Cuba was even called as the 16th Soviet republic. Times change, but the Cubans who studied at Soviet educational establishments still can speak Russian. Moreover, some of them make their children and friends learn this language. At the same time, Cuba and Russia currently maintain contacts for cultural and economic purposes. Thus, numerous Cuban businessmen and educators are forced to learn Russian. Finally, this language is learnt by local students who intend to continue their education in a Russian university in accordance with an exchange program.

The best way for these people to learn the Russian language in Cuba is to hire a remote Russian tutor. Such specialists are either highly educated language experts or native speakers, or both. They provide excellent services at competitive prices, which is highly appreciated by clients. The fact that Russian lessons are given by Skype results in the situation that they can be organized at any time convenient both for learners and online-tutors.

Considering the modern situation in the world politics, Cuba is an important partner for the Russian Federation. Of course, such partnership relations can be possible only with the help of translation services. That is why there are various translation firms in Cuba specializing in translation of different materials from English into Russian. In fact, the translators perform their obligations within those spheres that are commonly developed by these countries. Thus, the Cuban language specialists can perform the best translation of economic, space and military materials. Also, numerous Cuban companies have their subsidiaries or partners in a Russian city, which makes them hire English-Russian translators to communicate with the Russian side.

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