«Curry Capital» of Great Britain

Bradford is situated in Northern England at the bottom of the Pennines. It is a part of West Yorkshire. 1847 witnessed that Bradford obtained the city status. It is one of the largest and one of the most ancient cities in Great Britain. Yet, it was inhabited by the Saxons. Also, during the years of the industrial revolution, the city was holding the name of “woolen capital” of the whole world. At present, the city is the center of innovative technologies and financial activities. Also, there are chemical, machine engineering and electronics enterprises operating in Bradford.

The city has 37 parks and municipal gardens. 1974 witnessed the opening of the Museum of Commerce that displays the most prominent industrial advancements in different spheres – from ferrous metallurgy to processing industries. In March, Bradford hosts the Annual International Film Festival. In 2009, due to a huge contribution to the world film industry, the city obtained the title of the first Cinema City in the world according to the UNESCO. It is this city that witnessed shooting of famous films and different TV-shows.

Taking into account the fact that Bradford is not a small city, the amount of its population is rather big. According to the latest population census, over 500 000 people live currently in Bradford. This city is also called one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Great Britain. The largest expatriate community is formed by immigrants from Asia. Recently, Bradford has been called the “Curry Capital” of the whole nation.

Another big expat community is Russian one. Apart from tourists, there are a lot of people of Russian origin living, working, and studying in Bradford. It is clear that such immigrants should learn not only the local language, but also support a good level of their native one. Of course, one may say that the fact that these people use Russian in everyday life is enough for them not to forget it. But there are some cases when such people need the assistance of a language specialist. The best way to learn the Russian language in Bradford is to hire a remote tutor who gives Russian lessons by Skype.

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