Cyprus — Earthy Heaven on the Island

Cyprus is one of Mediterranean pearls. The climate and beautiful setting make the rest in Cyprus extremely attractive. It is the best place for family vacation because local hotels provide discounts for children. Another advantage of the Cyprian recreation is the cleanest beaches with the perfect sea.

Cyprus is an amazing island of inimitable natural contrasts attracting millions of tourists from different world countries. Some tourists say that Cyprus is the Earthy Heaven. The island is full of sand beaches, azure sea, magnificent mountains covered by virgin forests, citric groves, as well as, of course, olive gardens and vineyards.

The Russian language occupies a particular position on the island. In fact, there are four Russian-speaking schools in Cyprus, and they are full of pupils. These educational establishments organize various events to distribute the Russian culture among the local population and make them learn this powerful language. As a result, numerous older people take an interest in it and start learning Russian for different purposes.

For example, some people learn Russian in order to be employed at one of the schools mentioned above. Then, representatives of the Russian expatriate community that is rather extensive in Cyprus learn this language in order either to communicate with one another or to keep in touch with relatives or friends from a Russian-speaking country. Finally, close cultural relations between Russia and Cyprus have resulted in the fact that local students want to continue their education in a Russian university. Understandably, they must speak Russian in order to be admitted to education.

Of course, not all these people can attend a Russian-speaking school to learn the language. The way out of this situation is to hire a remote tutor to learn Russian by Skype. Such a specialist can be easily found in the Internet and he provides the services that are extremely convenient both for a tutor and for a learner. Moreover, such a tutor can be hired at a reasonable price.

At the same time, Cyprus can impress with a great number of translation firms employing highly qualified translators from English into Russian. These language specialists perfectly render any materials regardless of their nature. First of all, these translators are hired by employees of the Russian-speaking schools because they cooperate and share experience with foreign academicians. Secondly, Russia and Cyprus cooperate within a commercial and economic sector, which makes the translators deal with correspondent materials. Finally, the English-Russian translation services are also employed at diplomatic relations that are conducted by high-ranking officials from both sides. That is why this kind of translation requires maximum efforts to obtain qualitative target materials.

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