Descendent of Irish Heritage

Cork, an important sea port of the nation, is the third largest city in Ireland after Dublin and Belfast. It is located at the Southern coast in a picturesque part of the country. The name of the city has Irish roots and means “marshland”. Real marshlands, however, are absent. Cork is surrounded by green fields and rivers. The shore of the city is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and full of beautiful bays and secret caves harboring pirates long ago. The shoreline features long beaches with white sand and sharp rocks.

The city downtown is situated on the island between two arms of the Lee. Northwards from the river, one can find the most interesting historic part of the city. Sights of southern Cork include St. Finbarr`s Cathedral, the Cork Museum (dedicated mainly to the national liberation movement of the city), Cork Prison, Town Hall, as well as various churches, brewing factories, and chapels. As it is generally accepted, the main goal to visit Cork is a struggle to get acquainted with a historic heritage of Ireland. Moreover, the city has a rather developed tourist industry, which is highly appreciated by visitors from different European countries.

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