Ecologically Friendly Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful place for recreation. This country provides tourists with all the possibilities regardless of their preferences. Sportsmen, divers, as well as restless tourists who are eager to become familiar with local history and culture – they will find everything to their liking in Croatia.

The country is situated in the place where the Mediterranean Sea meets Central Europe and the Alps. Peculiarities of these regions have created a harmonious mixture of diverse nature that is carefully protected to preserve the primeval beauty. Croatia is an exceptionally valuable and ecologically friendly European country. Croatia is the only state that has such a great amount of islands, bays, picturesque beaches, and magnificent rocks in the Mediterranean Sea. However, the most impressive is not the amount of islands, but the virgin beauty of their nature and extremely clean water.

Considering everything mentioned above, it is quite clear that Croatia is rather popular among tourists from different world countries. These people bring parts of their native cultures into this country, with the Russians being among them. As a result, numerous people in Croatia speak and learn Russian. To tell the truth, their number has reduced recently, which, in its turn, does not mean that the Russian language will disappear from Croatia soon. Instead, the modern economic situation makes the Croatians learn this language even more thorough. Thus, servicemen of different hotels and entertainment establishments are forced to learn Russian in order to serve clients from ex-USSR countries. Secondly, young people learn this language in order to continue their education in a Russian university, which can be possible due to exchange of students between Croatia and Russia. Finally, various Croatian companies and enterprises send their employees into a business trip into Russia where they have either partners or subsidiaries. Consequently, these employees must speak Russian fluently to perform their obligations under conditions of the Russian Federation.

Of course, all these people can learn Russian in many ways – attending a Russian-speaking school or with the help of special language courses. However, the most suitable and the most convenient way is to hire an online-tutor via the Internet. The fact is that these tutors allow learning at any convenient time just in front of computers. Thus, the only necessary thing for the learning is to have access to the Internet.

At the same time, close economic and political cooperation between the given countries has resulted in a great amount of language firms specializing in translation from English into Russian. Their employees deal with various trade agreements even despite the fact that Croatia has joined the anti-Russian sanctions. Also, the English-Russian translation services are used by companies having their representations in Russia. Finally, the translators are hired by small traders who buy goods in European countries and sell them in Russian-speaking ones. Perfect education and necessary skills of these translators guarantee that the target materials will be of the highest quality despite the nature of source information.

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