Economic Relations between Russia and Hong Kong

Hong Kong, official name – the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is one of the world city-states. Today, the city features with the highest density of population in Asia and with one of the highest living standards among other Asian countries. There are various religions and languages in the country. Hong Kong is the largest financial, economic, exhibition and transport center of Pacific Asia.

Thanks to its pleasant climate, Hong Kong is highly attended by world tourists throughout the year. The Asian culture and excellent infrastructure are the main visit cards of the city contributing to more essential cash intakes into Hong Kong.

The city has two official languages – Chinese and English. As a result, the population is forced to learn and speak both of them taking into account that information signs, signboards, and other written official information are represented in the both languages simultaneously. This fact is extremely appreciated by European tourists since it is very difficult for them to learn the Asian language, while English is considered to be international one.

For the last several years, a number of Russian tourists, including businessmen, visiting Hong Kong has essentially increased. It can be explained by the fact that these two countries are strengthening their trade and scientific relations in order to implement common projects and develop their economies. To prove it there was signed a special agreement to eliminate mutual taxation between the partners.

Consequently, developed economic relations must be properly completed from the language point of view. That is why there are a lot of translation firms throughout the country. They employ only perfectly educated and experienced specialists who are always ready to translate any information from private correspondence to important business documents from English into Russian.

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