English in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of magnificent contrasts – glaciers and volcanoes, snowy peaks and subtropical forests. It is an island state that consists of about 700 islands of different sizes. The main of them are South and North Islands. North Island is more suitable for different settlements and sea ports. That is why a greater part of Zelanian population lives there and larger cities of the state are situated on it.

The country is a part of the British Commonwealth, so the Queen, formally, is a head of the state. However, she appoints the Governor-General. Legislative power is represented by the bicameral Parliament, while the Prime-Minister heads the executive branch.

Being a marine state, New Zealand has a moderate climate with hot summers and warm winters. A longstanding historical isolation and distance from other continents have resulted in a unique natural world of New Zealand with a great amount of endemic plants and birds. The kiwis, a national symbol of the state, are the most famous representatives of Zelanian fauna. As for flora, it is rather extended, with the silver fern being the most popular plant. Moreover, it is even displayed on the national emblem.

Taking into account the fact that the Zelanian population is made up of representatives of different nationalities and the fact that the state is controlled from Great Britain, English is one of the main languages in the country. About 96% of the population speaks it fluently; English is also the language of TV, radio, and newspapers. The other official language is Maori. As for Russian, this language used to be exotic because there were few people who knew it. But, the situation has shifted due to several factors.

First of all, the number of Russian immigrants in New Zealand has increased dramatically for the last several years. Secondly, the relations between Russian and New Zealand have come into closer stage. There are a lot of economic and trade agreements between the countries. Taking into account the fact that these documents can be concluded in Russian, New Zealand must have an extended system of professional translation firms with experienced and broad-minded specialists. They must perfectly render any materials from English into Russian within a reasonable time.

Besides it, some Zelanian businessmen learn the Russian language by themselves in order to eliminate the assistance of intermediates in the contacts with their partners. Of course, it is a difficult task for the country with small number of Russian people but the services of online tutors will facilitate this task. Qualified language specialists will give perfect lessons by Skype for everyone at quite reasonable prices.

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