English-speaking Guests in Shymkent

Shymkent is the third largest industrial city in the south of Kazakhstan. It’s one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, formed on the Great Silk Road as a trading settlement.

Knowledge of a foreign language and constant improvement of the stock of professional knowledge and skills is an indispensable component of prosperity in modern Shymkent. Now every professional (not necessarily a professional translator) has the opportunity to get acquainted with foreign texts, in a related subject, in the original language. Even communication with foreign colleagues doesn’t necessarily take place with participation of a professional interpreter. Unfortunately, speaking in a foreign language isn’t the same as thinking in it. A person can speak English fluently, but it will be difficult to understand everything without a professional interpreter working with all the linguistic and emotional subtleties of the target language.

A translator who performs communicative functions between an English-speaking guest and the Shymkent citizens usually not only translates, but also explains the meaning of many similar words to their foreign counterpart.

Many people in Shymkent have their own business, and almost everyone has English proficiency. Most likely — they think they have. When carrying out any business negotiations, it’s necessary to understand the subtleties of a protocol, which is remembered and not everyone knows. Fortunately, there are still professional translators from English who can correct a situation in any, even the most difficult, moment.

Being a large industrial metropolis, Shymkent often hosts foreign guests. If the need of a company for translation services takes seriously the issue of positively positioning its own image in front of foreign partners, then the issue of choosing an amateur or professional translator from English won’t stand at all. Naturally, in the sphere of translation, only a professional should represent the interests of a solid company.

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