Georgia for Tourists

Georgia is a state in Transcaucasus. It is washed by the Black Sea and borders the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. Georgia comprises two autonomous republics and one autonomous region – South Ossetia. Most of the territory is hilly, about one-third is covered with thick forests. A main range of the Caucasus Mountains forms the northern border of the country where the highest Georgian peaks are located. The Georgian nature is rather diverse because of heights of the country. The tops of the mountains witness cirques, lower one can find Alpine meadows transforming into softwood forests. Deciduous forests can be observed only near to lowlands.

The country has a wide range of deposits. The mineral base includes manganese ore, coal, cooper ore, and oil. Mountain and sea resorts are unique recreational resources according to their characteristics. The Georgian territory is a rich raw materials base for a pharmaceutical industry.

As for the ethnic composition of the country, the largest part of the population is represented by native Georgians. Azerbaijanis, Armenians, and Russians are the other extended ethnic groups. Taking this fact into account, Georgian is the only official language in the state. At the same time, a large part of the population speaks Russian at a rather decent level. Of course, this fact is explained by close relations between these two countries. Nevertheless, such a level of the language knowledge is supported by numerous Russian tutors. Though such specialists are not very popular among the population, their offers can easily be found in the Internet. These services are a real prize for those people wanting to learn this foreign language. The main advantage manifests itself in the fact that such lessons are given by Skype or any other corresponding software. Moreover, the prices of such services are quite competitive.

Since Georgia struggles to be one of the best tourist countries throughout the whole world, the state authorities oblige representatives of, at least, tertiary sector to speak English. Naturally, far from everyone is able to develop the perfect language skills. That is why different translation firms are highly important if someone, for example, needs to obtain a professional translation of any official document. Fortunately for such businessmen, Georgia has a vast network of such firms. Their employees are always ready to perform the translation of any difficulty from English into Russian.

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