Important Interaction between Translators and Belgorod Citizens

Belgorod is a city in the south-west of Russia, the capital of the Belgorod region. In the south and west, Belgorod region borders with the Ukrainian regions (Lugansk, Kharkov and Sumy) for 540 kilometers. In the north, the border passes near the Kursk region and in the east near the Voronezh region.

The climate in Belgorod is moderately continental with mild winters and a prolonged hot summer. The average temperature in winter is -10 ° C and in summer is + 27 … + 30 ° C. The first snow appears in October-November. The greatest amount of precipitation falls between April and October.

For tourists, Belgorod is interesting for its long and glorious military history. The city was awarded the honorary title «City of the first salute», as well as «City of Military Glory» (2007).

Rural tourism is very popular, because three quarters of the Belgorod lands are fertile chernozem with abundant vegetation, flora and fauna. Meadows, steppes, the southern sun, riotous natural colors make it possible to get great pleasure from active rest on tourist bases or in sanatoriums-dispensaries.

The most developed industries in Belgorod, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• plant growing, livestock — translations of studies, projects, scientific articles in these industries, translations about small and large cattle, translations of documentation for agricultural technology;
• logging — translation of any kind of operating instructions and documents for imported sawmill equipment;
• production of iron ore raw materials, plastics and metal structures, cement, extraction of minerals — translation of drawings (excavations, foundations, metal structures, floors, life support systems);
• tourism — translation of web-sites, menus, brochures.

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