Ireland and the Russian Language

Ireland is a state in Northern Europe occupying a greater part of the island of Ireland. The state is small, but it is a member of different international organizations such as the United Nations Organization, the European Union, and the European Monetary System.

Ireland is a wonderful country that apart from its natural and architectural sights has a developed industry, with animal husbandry being the most profitable branch. Irish people breed cattle, pigs, birds, and sheep. Livestock house breeding holds a special place in the country industry.

Representatives of more than 40 nationalities live in Ireland, so the state encourages diversity. Irish and English are the official languages. However, there is a tendency today to displace the English language in favor of Irish that is now regenerating. At the same time, it does not mean that English will be completely eliminated. To tell the truth, it is not possible to eliminate the language of international communication, people can only restrict its use in official establishments.

Being an active member of the international life, Ireland interacts with other world states. These relations result in increased role of translation services. In particular, there are a lot of translation firms that specialize in translation of various kinds of information from English into Russian. A high popularity of this language pair is explained by the fact that Ireland and the Russian Federation tighten their economic and business relationships. Consequently, more intensive relations must be accompanied with qualified language support. That is why above mentioned firms employ only highly professional translators with perfect experience.

It is doubtless, that there are a lot of people in Ireland who want to learn Russian. Unfortunately, they are not able to attend special language courses or educational institutions because of absence of the latter. The only way of studying this language is to hire a remote Russian mentor in order to learn the language on private tuition. This method is very useful since professional teachers give perfect classes while students gain the knowledge in the best way. Such specialists can be found in the Internet.

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