Israel — Religious Center of the World

Israel is a state located in a South-Western part of Asia. It is one of the most popular tourist points of destination thanks to multiple possibilities for beach recreation on the coast of three seas – the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea. Also, the country is famous for a great number of religious relics attracting pilgrims from different world countries. A humid temperate climate contributes to amazing recreation in winters with equal possibilities both for swimming and skiing.

Numerous tourists visit Israel to revitalize with the help of thermal springs or therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea. In addition, tourists are offered with diving tours to coral reefs and the possibility to take part in music festivals. Any Israeli city has various cafes and restaurants offering kosher dishes without pork.

Considering the fact that Israel is full of tourists and emigrants from Russia, it is quite clear that the country has an extensive network of translation firms from English into Russia. These firms employ specialists with rich experience who are able to perform the best translation of different materials. That is why they are equally good in legal, financial, commercial and technical translation. Also, the English-Russian translators can perfectly render immigrants` personal documents for them to legally live in Israel. Finally, such translators are employed at dating agencies in order to enable Israeli citizens dating English-speaking girls from different European countries.

A high popularity of English-Russian translation direction can be explained by the fact that the Russian language is very popular in Israel. According to statistics, about 20% of total population speaks it fluently. Israeli pupils learn Russian as a compulsory subject.

The schools, however, are not the only place where Israeli citizens can learn Russian. In fact, Russian online-tutors are very popular among the local population, which is explained by competitive prices and convenience in learning. This convenience is achieved with the help of the fact that these lessons are given by Skype, which is highly appreciated by those people who do not have enough free time.

So, these tutors are hired by parents of those children who learn Russia in school and require additional assistance with this language. Secondly, numerous people learn Russian because they have relatives or friends in Russia. Finally, there are a lot of people in Israel who want to visit Russia because of its rich history and culture. Thus, these prospective tourists are recommended to learn Russian in Israel in order to prevent possible problems.

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