Russian language in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the second and ninth largest country in the CIS and in the world respectively. The state borders Chine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Distance from the ocean and vast territories have determined its climate conditions. The country features with a seasonal inland climate with cold winters and rather warm summers. Some years witness extreme temperatures, which is very inconvenient for population of the state.

About 8500 thousand rivers flow in Kazakhstan. A greater part of the country is covered by deserts and temperate grasslands. The rest territory holds semi-deserts and forests. Kazakhstani flora and fauna are rather diverse with characteristic species known in the whole world. The vast territory of the country is full of mineral deposits. Enterprises that specialize in extraction and refinement of coal, oil, gas as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals play an important role in the general state of the economy.

Kazakhstani is the official language in the country. However, having close business and cultural relations with Russia, public authorities promote the Russian language for the native population. As a result, a great number of local inhabitants fluently speaks it. Moreover, some schools even teach their pupils this language. Apart from pupils, there are other people who learn Russian because of their personal needs. Some of them, for example, want to move into Russia, while others can have business ties with Russian partners. All they can learn Russian attending special courses or hiring online tutors. The latest variant is rather suitable for those people who do not have enough free time. Online tutors allow organizing lessons at any convenient time, just by Skype.

At the same time, the English language is also rather developed in Kazakhstan. This fact can be supported by an extensive network of qualified translation firms throughout the country. They employ highly professional specialists who are ready to translate any information from English into Russian. Though deal with different subjects, these firms specialize in technical and business materials since such documents come from the most beneficial spheres of the Kazakhstani economy.

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