Languages in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the largest states in Europe. It is situated in Eastern Europe. However, it is interesting that the geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine. The country borders Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. It has access to the Black and the Azov Seas. The western borders are covered by the Carpathian Mountains. The country is famous for its fertile soils and vast territories suitable for agricultural cultivation. Ukraine is a native land for Kozaks as well as for many world-famous poets, sportsmen, and artists.

Ukrainian is the only official language in the country. It is taught in schools and it is the language of media, politics, and celebrities. In everyday life, however, the Ukrainian language is spoken only in central and western parts of the state. The rest of the country fluently speaks and understands Russian. At the same time, such a situation does not mean that inhabitants of the first mentioned regions do not understand the Russian language.

Such a special role of Russian is easily explained by the common history of Ukraine and Russia and close geographical position. In fact, almost every Ukrainian family has some relatives in the Russian Federation. It results in the fact that Russian is also taught in schools, though not so intensive. Being a usual school subject, the Russian language creates particular problems for pupils. The only way to improve this situation is to hire Russian tutors for such pupils. Considering the modern development level of computer technologies, it is possible to give online lessons. These services are extremely popular in cities where traffic jams greatly influence the pace of life. In their turn, online lessons (for example, by Skype) allow both a pupil and a teacher fulfilling their obligations staying in different places. Moreover, the prices of such services are rather attractive for clients.

Taking into account the fact that Ukraine is a part of numerous international organizations and constantly maintains economic and political ties with its foreign partners, translation services from English into Russian are rather developed in the country. Every city has a great number of professional translation firms that are ready to perform the translation of any materials with the highest quality.

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