Main English Harbor

Hull – officially Kingston upon Hull – is a city that is situated on River Hull in Eastern England. Initially, it was founded as a sea port for sailors, and very quickly Hull became the main English harbor. Fishing and navigation used to be important activities there, and the modern city keeps holding to the ancient traditions. The city is rather attractive for visitors because it has the picturesque aquarium called The Deep, amazing set of free museums and renewed territory of the Old City, which will force any tourist to spend at least several days in the city to look around all the sights of the city of Hull.

However, there are a great number of other interesting places and events situating in the city apart from the museums. They include historical pubs, unique white phone boxes, and different festivals and fairs, which are rather skillfully organized by the local authorities. For example, they are Traveling Hull Fair, Hull Literature Festival, Hull Jazz Festival, and others.

Considering this fact, the city hosts a lot of tourists from all over the world every year. They bring their own languages into Hull, which results in a developed network of translation services there. To tell the truth, one of the most popular translation pairs there is English-Russian one, which is explained not only by a great number of Russian tourists, but also by close economic and business relations between the city and different companies from the Russian Federation. Most of all, these relationships are concentrated within the sphere of navigation and shipbuilding. There are also firms in other spheres hiring professional translators to draft different agreements and contracts in these two languages. That is why it is very easy to find a qualitative translator from English into Russian in Hull.

At the same time, there are a lot Russian-speaking people in Hull who live there permanently. They have created expatriate communities and try not to forget their own language and culture in general. To this end, they and their children, first of all, learn the Russian language. Of course, it can be difficult to perform in a foreign state because not every city has Russian-speaking schools or special language courses. Services of online tutors are the best solution of this problem. These specialists can be easily found in the Internet and allow learning Russian in any world country. Moreover, Russian lessons by Skype are also popular among individuals who maintain business contacts with Russian partners or intend to visit this country for various purposes.

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