Memphis — the Birthplace of Blues

Memphis is a city in a Southern part of the USA that is located on the Mississippi River. It is the largest city in Tennessee, with its population amounting at more than 600 000 people. For many Americans, Memphis is Elvis Presley and the Birthplace of Blues.

It is Memphis that hosts FedEx – the transnational logistic giant employing about 30 000 citizens. Apart from FedEx, more than other 400 transport companies function in the city. A developed transport infrastructure allows receiving cargoes from planes and ships and their consigning by rail and automobiles. In general, more than 10% of the total labor force available in Memphis is employed in the goods transportation or distribution, which is the highest rate among large cities throughout the United States of America. Other important economic spheres are represented by finances, tertiary industries, food services, and medicine.

This situation leads to the fact that logistic specialists from different cities and even from different countries come to Memphis to find a work. As a result, the city is full of foreign specialists who require qualified translation services to start working. Fortunately for them and for employers, there are a lot of translators in Memphis who are able to translate different materials from English into Russian. As it has already been mentioned, these specialists deal with labor immigrants` personal documents. The Memphis translators can impress with a rich experience in this field. Also, international corporations alone hire legal translators to make various deals with foreign partners, namely from Russia. Of course, this kind of translation is rather important, so legal documents must be rendered only by highly educated specialists. Finally, the English-Russian translators are employed at dating agencies because there are a lot of rich men in Memphis who want to marry a girl from Russia. It is clear that communication between these people can be possible only with the help of the translation services.

In addition, numerous people learn Russian in Memphis, which can be explained by different factors. First of all, many Russian emigrants live in the city and they learn their native language in order not to forget their roots. Their children also learn this language. Secondly, different international corporations have their subsidiaries in a Russian city sometimes sending their employees into a business trip. Thus, these employees are obliged to learn the language of their partners. Finally, a lot of local citizens have friends and relatives in Russia. So, they learn Russian to keep in touch with them.

Considering the fact that Memphis does not have any special language courses, the only way to learn Russian in this city is to hire an online-tutor. These specialists can be easily found in the Internet and they provide excellent language services by Skype. Under the conditions of the present time, these services are extremely popular because the Russian lessons are given even if tutors and students are in different countries.

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