Mile High City

Denver is the largest city and the capital of the state of Colorado. The city is situated in a central part of the USA between the Rocky Mountains in the West and the High Plains in the East. Denver is often called as Mile High City because of its position above the sea level. Its population numbers about 650 000 people.

The climate of the city is semiarid continental with distinct seasons. Winters can be both cold and soft. To tell the truth, even cold winters are not very severe, because Denver is protected by the mountains located westwards. Amount of precipitation being small, summer months are rather convenient for citizens. In general, Denver witnesses even more annual solar hours than Miami and San Diego.

The geographical location has greatly influenced the city economy. Being the largest city within a radius of 800 kilometers, Denver has become an important logistic center. It is an essential transport hub for the mountain states because it lies between large cities of the Midwest and those of the U.S. West Coast.

Denver is a rather friendly city in respect of immigrants, which can be supported by representatives of numerous nationalities living there. One of the largest expatriate communities is made of people of Russian origin, who have created their small motherland in Denver. In the city, there is even a Russian district with Russian shops and different cultural events for its inhabitants. Also, Denver is often attended by Russian celebrities with various concerts and festivals. Naturally, these immigrants learn both English and Russian.

To tell the truth, the Russian language is also learnt by Americans for different purposes. First of all, it refers to prospective emigrants to Russia. Secondly, representatives of large corporations learn this language to cooperate with Russian partners. Finally, some Denver citizens can have friends or relatives in Russia, which makes them learn Russian. Of course, there are Russian courses in Denver, but services of online tutors are the most popular because they are cheaper and more convenient. The fact is that these experts organize Russian lessons via the Internet, which enables learning in any convenient time.

Since Russian is quite developed in Denver, it is quite clear that this language is found in translation services. Being an industrial and economic center of the USA, Denver hosts large corporations that maintain business contacts with Russian partners. Obviously, these relations can be possible only due to translators from English into Russian. Also, the translators deal with immigrants` personal documents and private correspondence between a Denver citizen and a beautiful Russian-speaking girl in the Internet.

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