Nottingham and Russian Translators

Nottingham is situated in Nottingemshire County of Great Britain. Nottingham is called as the “Queen of Midland” while the name of the city is closely connected with the legend of Robin Hood. The city is located on the Trent River directly in the center of Great Britain. It is a unitary entity fully surrounded by lands of the previously mentioned country. The city`s population amounts to over 300 000 people.

Nottingham is one of the largest cities in the whole state specializing in manufacturing knitted goods, threads, and laces. The city features with a rather developed machine engineering, catering, mining and pharmaceutical industries. The main university is widely famous even outside the county.

Among other sights, the most prominent examples are amazing ancient castle, Saint-Mary Gothic Church, classic townhouse, and art museum. The Nottingham Castle hosts the annual and delicious Nottingham Beer Festival and Robin Hood Padgent. Also, periodic rock-concerts take place in the city, while September witnesses the annual Food and Drink Festival.

Nottingham is of special importance for Russian tourists and emigrants. There are Russian-speaking schools, companies, and firms, which employ older people and educate children. As for tourists, there are a lot of tour guides who conduct excursions in the Russian language. However, some people can suffer special conditions for them to have a necessity to learn Russian. The only rational way to do it in Nottingham is to hire a remote tutor. They are educated specialists and provide their knowledge to a language learner by special software. More often, such lessons are given by Skype, which is very convenient both for teachers and students.

At the same time, the city has a great number of translation firms that employ educated translators and qualified editors. The presence of these specialists means that all the target materials will be carefully read and checked in order to eliminate possible mistakes. As a result, all the documents that are translated from English into Russian are of the highest quality. Moreover, the translation firms of Nottingham are rather attractive because they offer competitive prices.

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