One of the Best American Cities

Seattle is a city in the North-West of the USA in the state of Washington. According to statistics, its population accounts for 600 000 people. A climate in the city is soft and maritime. A particular landscape protects Seattle from storms and limits the influence of cold Arctic winds. Summers are warm with small amount of precipitations. Though it is unexpected, geographical position of the city is suitable for growing grape. As for winter months, they are also rather warm without much snow.

Surrounded by mountains, forests, and water, Seattle may impress not only with amazing nature and soft climate, but also with developed infrastructure, general comforts, and perfect entertainment and leisure possibilities. The city hosts head-quarters of such world-famous companies as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and Boeing. To tell the truth, the aerospace industry in the city is maybe the most important because it employs about 82 000 workers only at Boeing factories. According to numerous ratings, Seattle is said to be one of the best American cities.

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At the same time, Russian itself is also present in Seattle. First of all, it is spoken by emigrants from Russia. These people have established Russian shops, businesses, and organize regular cultural events. Then, this language is also learnt by local people. Though there are a lot of Russian emigrants living in the city, they have not created special language courses. That is why Americans learn Russian by Skype with the help of online tutors. These experts can be easily found in the Internet, and they are able to provide people from any country with their services. Businessmen who are to make a business trip into Russia, prospective tourists, and students are main clients of these language specialists.

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