Bristol As the Most Attended English City

Bristol, the most ancient trade city, is situated in south-western party of England and is a large business, cultural and educational center. Its location has determined its development as a big English port. Bristol is divided into three districts: the Old City, Clifton, and Radcliff, which are situated on the opposite benches of the Avon.

As other English cities, Bristol is unique because it has features of antiquity and modernity as well as entwinement of historical and modern architectural sights at the same time. Sophisticated tourists can find numerous sights, hotels, bars, and cultural events in Bristol, which justifies its fourth place in the list of the most attended places of the United Kingdom. Also, Bristol is very popular among those tourists who are fascinated with ships. They are offered two world-famous museums of marine history within old boats. However, the most popular sight of Bristol is the hanging bridge in Clifton. So, the best time to visit the city is summer when the city life bobbles under the pressure of possible carnivals and festivals.

Such a world-wide importance of this city among tourists has resulted in the fact that the population is rather diverse. It is interesting that the number of Russian people in Bristol is high enough. They have orthodox churches, Russian-speaking schools, and even their own quarters in the city. Naturally, children can learn Russian in special schools or attending special courses. But there are sometimes cases when even older people should learn this language within the shortest possible period. Of course, nobody cancels self-education, but it takes more time and efforts. Moreover, any language must be learnt under the supervision of an educated specialist. That is why the solution of this situation is online tutors who can be easily found in the Internet. These services are very convenient for such students because they allow learning at any possible time.

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