Philippines and its Characteristics

The Philippines are the country of beautiful beaches with coral sand and the cleanest water, fascinating nature, as well as amazing fauna. The country consists of about seven thousand of various islands. Taking into account a particular geographic location of the state, its shores are rugged, which leads to a great number of different bays. The islands feature with tropical and monsoon climate. An average temperature is 24-28 degrees centigrade; it is colder in the mountains. The western part of the country witnesses a dry season from November to April, while the northern part often suffers from typhoons and tsunamis.

The Philippines are the world`s leading producer of chrome. At the same time, the country is famous for its coconuts and products from them. Besides, local farmers grow rice, corn, mango, and bananas. The main earnings are obtained on tourism, sea ports, and forestry.

The state language is Filipino, with English being an official language. It should be noted separately that there is a difference between state and official languages. A state language implies more general meaning and denotes the language that is to be used by all the official bodies throughout the country. An official language, in its term, is a more restricted phenomenon and is used to describe the language that has the luxury compared to other languages. At the same time, there are a lot of regional dialects throughout the Philippines.

The country is not very popular among Russian tourists (even despite the fact that Russian citizen are allowed to stay in the Philippines within 21 days without visa), but it does not mean that local people know nothing about the Russian Federation. Considering the global policy, one can say that these two countries have close relationships especially in the sphere of trade. The countries try to strengthen their ties and plan to consolidate the bilateral military relations. This situation results in the fact that some Philippine specialists are forced to learn the Russian language. The most convenient way to do it is to hire an online tutor with perfect language skills. Fortunately, there are a lot of such offers in the Internet, so everyone can find a suitable tutor at a quite reasonable price, who will give the lessons by Skype.

On the other hand, no language can exist in a foreign country without being always translated. This fact leads to a great popularity of translation services from English into Russian in the Philippines to satisfy the needs of businessmen and tourists. Materials of any kinds will be translated at the highest quality.

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