Picturesque Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a small country located in a picturesque part of South Europe. Monaco borders France and Italy and is surrounded by Cote d`-Azur of the Mediterranean Sea. The country witnesses the junction of the Maritime Alps and Cote d`-Azur. A part of Monaco territory used to be a sea bottom. At present, the relief of the country is hilly.

In general, Monaco is four merged cities including Monaco (the capital of the nation), Monte Carlo (popular resort city among world celebrities), La Comdamine (business center and a sea port), and Fontvieille (industrial district).

Geographical location of the country is rather beneficial. The Maritime Alps protect the Principality from cold Northern winds, while the Mediterranean coast attracts celebrities from different world countries. The amazing bay is justly said to be one of the main advantages of Monaco. Also, the country is full of artificial parks and public gardens, which contributes to the fact that numerous people call Monaco as Garden of Eden.

French is the official language in the Principality, but English and Italian are also widely spoken by local citizens. At the same time, numerous people learn Russian in Monaco. First of all, it refers to servicemen of luxurious hotels and restaurants that are extremely popular among Russian tourists. Secondly, the country hosts a lot of emigrants from the Russian Federation who learn this language in order not to forget their motherland. Thirdly, high development level of the Internet results in the fact that people from different countries may communicate with each other. Thus, citizens of Monaco are forced to learn Russian in order to communicate with their Russian friends.

In Monaco, all these people can learn Russian only with the help of remote tutors who can be easily found in the Internet. These services are suitable for learners from any country because they do not oblige tutors and learners to be in the same place. Since the Russian lessons are given by Skype, the tutors and learners may be even in different countries.

Moreover, the Principality of Monaco can feature qualitative translation services from English into Russian. The fact is that Monaco and Russia maintain close contacts in political, cultural and economic spheres. Thus, English-Russian language specialists are required to formalize this cooperation. Considering the focus areas mentioned above, Monaco translation firms hire educated and experienced translators specializing in political materials and economic documents. However, the Monaco translators also deal with emigrants` personal documents as well as business and private correspondence, which also requires particular skills and qualifications.

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