Professional Translation of Technical Documentation in Ulan-Ude

Ulan-Ude is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia. The city is located in the mountain cavity at an altitude of 500-800 m above the sea level. Initially it was called Verkhneudinsk, and in 1934 it was renamed Ulan-Ude, which means «red river» in the Buryat language. In the vicinity of Ulan-Ude, there are the ridges Khamar-Daban, Ulan-Burgas and Tsagan-Daban.

From the end of the 17th century it became a stronghold that protected the caravans that followed for trade in China and Mongolia along the «Great Tea Route». With opening of this way in Russia, tea has become popular even more than the national drink — kvass. Trade with neighboring countries brought fame to the city; there were annual fairs that are held to this day.

The main sights of the city are located along the main street — Lenin Street. Here, festive events and rallies are held. At the very beginning of the street Odigitrievsky Cathedral stands. It was built in the second half of the 18th century. Inside the cathedral carved iconostases are gilded, and near it there is the bell tower and small refectory. Walking along the street, you will see many houses of the 19th century, which in the past belonged to merchants. These days, in these buildings there are shops, offices and government offices, executed in the spirit of classicism.

The most developed industries in Ulan-Ude, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• the basis of the economy is the engineering industry (about 75%) — translation of guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• mining (gold) — translation of documentation of various aspects, from exploration of minerals and development of deposits to underground construction of mining facilities and methods of processing minerals;
• light industry — translation of booklets about textiles, catalogs of clothing stores, articles about fashion designers, presentations of new fabrics and materials used in the manufacture of clothing or machines for the garment industry;
• food — restaurant menus, studies on the process of food production;
• aviation, instrumentation — translations for airport servicing organizations, manufacturers of tools and equipment for the aircraft manufacturing industry, operating companies, exporters of weapons;
• tourism — translation of web-sites, menu, brochures.

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