Puerto Rico for Tourists

Puerto Rico is an island state that is surrounded by a great number of lesser islands. It is a small, but independent state formation with an individual system of administration. At the same time, it is very dependent on the United Stated of America. Factually, it means that the state is under the strict control of the US Congress, but the American laws act there only partially. The Puerto-Rican Constitution is in effect on the island, the same is with two branches of state power. The common with the USA things are the nationality of the population and the currency.

Puerto Rico features with hilly landscape. Mountainous area has emerged thanks to volcanoes and marine precipitation. It should be noted separately that such highness can be easily found inside the island.

Official languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English, with the first one being a main language in all the governmental institutions. At the same time, English is a compulsory subject for all the stages of education. That is why English is said to be a native language for a small part of the population. Nevertheless, citizens either speak two languages or, at least, understand English and use it in certain situations.

Having the beneficial geographical location, Puerto Rico is rather popular among the world tourists. And the Russian visitors are not an exception. Every year, more and more tourists visit this magnificent island to obtain amazing and unforgettable feelings. Since not every such tourist can speak foreign languages, the inviting country must educate its personnel to speak a native language of guests. That is why waiters and chambermaids throughout the island are forced to learn the Russian language. They do it with the help of online tutors who can be easily found in the Internet. Such lessons are very convenient because they are given by qualified experts. It means that a tutor from, for example, Russia can easily transmit his or her knowledge directly onto Puerto Rico by Skype.

There are also cases when Russian tourists need to translate anything on the island. The only way is to hire a professional translator from English into Russian. Fortunately for the visitors, Puerto Rico has several translation firms. Despite their small number, they offer really qualified services in translating various materials. The most popular orders are to render private correspondence and business letters from foreign partners.

Jacob Haase, Germany

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Laura Butler, Ireland

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