Relations between Nigeria and Russia

Nigeria is the most populated African country. Its population comprises 115 million people. Representatives of more than 200 ethnic groups live there. The country obtained its name from the Niger River, which name actually means “flowing water”.

The geographical location of the country is not advantageous. That is why the climate features with high humidity, with average annual temperature amounting to 25 degrees centigrade. August is the most rainy and refreshing month. A greater amount of precipitations falls on the Niger Delta. Also, Nigerian beaches are just magnificent but extremely dirty and practically unequipped. One can say that health resorts are absent though beaches with different kinds of sand stretch for hundreds of kilometers. The only interesting place in Nigeria is Jos Tableland – a unique natural monument. Tableland is flat-peaked relic mountains that uplift above green jungles. Taking into account those facts, Nigeria is not very popular among tourists.

Relations between Russia and Nigeria are very close. Political leaders of the both states have made numerous business and private visits to each other’s countries. Moreover, there are a lot of different commissions and treaties implemented by common efforts of these countries. Naturally, all the contracts and agreements between the states are concluded in English. First of all, it is the language of international communication in the whole word. Secondly, English is one of the official languages in Nigeria (the second one is French). As a result, the Nigerian government has decided to develop the translation services within their country, which has led to the emergence of qualified translation firms with experienced specialists in translation of different materials from English into Russian.

Another important sector of the bilateral relations in the spheres of culture and education is training of Nigerian citizens in Russian institutions. Approximately 500 hundred of Nigerian students enter the universities in a year. It is clear that, first of all, such students must perfectly know Russian. That is why Russian tutors have become very popular in Nigeria lately. Generally, they give their lessons by Skype, which is very convenient for students because they can choose any time that is suitable for them. Moreover, costs of this private tuition are quite reasonable.

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