Relations between Scotland and Russia

Scotland is the second largest country forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It used to be an independent kingdom in Northern Europe. Even now, it is the most autonomous country in Great Britain – Scotland has its own unicameral Parliament, legal system, and state church. The country borders England and consists of 790 islands, with only 130 of them being inhabited. The capital of Scotland is the city of Edinburgh.

The country has temperate and oceanic climate with colder and wetter weather than elsewhere in Britain. The climate is formed under the influence of warm air currents from the Atlantic Ocean and cold ones from the North Sea. It should be noted that Scotland has rather various relief for the region of such a size, which has resulted in a number of important scientific research. Also, the country is famous for large and beautiful lakes.

The main official language is English. The Gaelic one is used in northern and western parts of the country. As for Scottish, it resembles English but has a lot of borrowings from Gaelic. So, one can say that the Scottish language is an intermediary between the others. Taking into account it and the fact that Scotland is a rather developed state, it is natural that the country features with the high level of translation services. English-Russian language pair is one of the most widespread directions in the whole translation industry. The perfect education system in Scotland results in the fact that every client can be sure in the highest quality of target materials even despite the nature of source texts. Another advantage of Scottish translation firms is reasonable prices and small execution periods.

A high popularity of the Russian language in Scotland is explained by close relations between these countries. These relations date back deep in the history and are rather important nowadays. To be more exact, the countries cooperate through sister cities, universities, and civil organizations. Also, musical and theatrical groups are exchanged; the number of tourist increases. Main prospects are given to trade and economic ties. All this leads to the fact that some representatives of the Scottish society are forced to learn Russian. Since qualitative Russian teachers are absent in Scotland, people hire remote tutors with excellent language skills, who give their lessons per Internet.

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