Relationships between India and Russia

India is a federative republic consisting of 25 states. Each of them has its own legislative meeting and government, but preserving powerful central administration. A climate in country is hot and warm in summer and soft in winter. It features with misdistribution of precipitation – about 80% is observed by eastern and hilly parts in summer.

India is the second most populated country in the world. There are high rates of reproduction of population in the country. Though the demographic explosion was over long ago, demographic problems are still extremely crucial for ordinary people. At the same time, India is the most multiethnic state in the world. It hosts representatives of hundreds of nations, peoples and tribal groups, no matter what their social and economic development is. Moreover, some of them speak even different languages.

From the economic point of view, India is rather developed state. It is a member of different world organizations, with BRICS being one of the most influential ones. Taking into account the fact that Russia is another member of the same organization, these two countries have close economic relations. As a result, they must understand each other’s languages and cultures. To this end, there were created different translation schools and, later, translation firms with experienced and qualified specialists.

Considering modern geopolitical situation in the world, relationships of these two states are said to be further developed. That is why representatives of the Indian party are forced to study both the Russian and English languages, while English is an international one. To create business documents and to maintain different contacts, people in India must translate information from English into Russian. It is necessary, for example, for those Russian businessmen who must live in India and run a business there. That is why services of qualified translators from English into Russian are highly appreciated in the country.

Moreover, some Indians can also learn directly Russian. The history of this language is relatively short and dates back to the 20th century. However, it does not mean that the language is not developed here. There are a lot of Russian schools and institutions offering different studying programs. At the same time, people also can hire a remote Russian tutor by Skype. Such an approach is really convenient both for students and language experts since they can coordinate the most suitable dates of lessons and methods and amounts of their pay.

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