Role of Russian Language in Pakistan

Pakistan (the full name – the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is a state in South Asia. It is washed by the Arabian Sea and borders Afghanistan, China, Iran, and India. The country is a presidential republic, with the President being a head of the state. The main legislative body is the bicameral Parliament that consists of the Senate and the National Assembly.

Pakistan can not be called a developed country from both economic and tourist points of view. Nevertheless, there are famous resort cities there. Such cities as Islamabad and Karachi are rather popular among those tourists who like history and Asian culture. However, Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, combines perfectly features of both Europe and Asian world.

The official language in Pakistan is Urdu. At the same time, other regional languages are also rather popular in different areas. As for business sphere and different administrative activities, the English language is widely used as a general one throughout the whole country.

Relations between Russia and Pakistan are said to be rather contradictory. They date back to 2007 when the Russian Prime Minister visited the country for the first time. After a while, the relations went bad because of friendly connections between Russia and India. Despite this fact, Russian and Pakistan organized common military exercises, and Pakistan was said to be a strategic partner of the Russian Federation.

Taking into account that fact, few people in Pakistan try to learn the Russian language. Of course, such political situation does not greatly influence young students who intend to continue their education in Russia. As a result, they do learn it, but with the help of the Internet. There are a lot of language specialists who offer their teaching services to Pakistani students. Young people can hire any personal tutor of Russian at a quite reasonable price. All the lessons will be given by Skype in order to make them as convenient for students as possible.

With relation to the above mentioned, one can not say that the translation services from English into Russian are at a high level in Pakistan. But, it does not mean that they are absent or that translators in Pakistan will not be able to translate anything. No, such specialists can be found in translation firms, the number of whose is, however, rather small. Nevertheless, the quality of any translated materials will be high for sure.

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