Russian Effect upon Malta

Malta is a small island that is situated between Sicily and the North Coast of Africa. It perfectly combines cultural and historical heritage of several ancient civilizations, moderate Mediterranean climate, and modern tourist service of European level. Malta has neither rivers nor mountains. The characteristic feature of Maltese landscape is vast fields with short stone walls crossing them. Taking it into account, Malta has become a famous tourist country in the world.

Tourists from any country will find anything interesting particularly for them. Some of them will appreciate extremely clear water, excellent beauty of coastline, national color of small villages, as well as mysterious rock shelters and caves. Others will enjoy various tours to great temples and palaces. Also, history lovers can get acquainted with interesting facts concerning the Knights of Malta. But, in spite of any preferences, every foreign tourist will have access to luxury hotels, perfect service, and exciting entertainment.

Official languages on Malta are English and Maltese, which is very convenient for visitors from the whole world since the English language is the most widespread one in Europe. That is why Maltese personnel must speak fluently the previously mentioned languages.

Also, Malta is extremely popular among Russian tourists, which results in a great intake of visitors from this country onto the island. Apart from money, such tourists bring their culture and set of mind. It leads to the fact that indigenous people are forced to meet, to some extent, culture of the foreigners and even learn their native language. To this end, the Internet is full of different offers from Russian-speaking tutors who are ready to organize private tuition with those people who are eager to learn Russian. Such lessons will be given electronically – by Skype. All the payments are made through e-money systems.

Taking into account such high popularity of the Russian language, it can not stay in isolation from the other languages within a single island. That is why there emerge more and more translation firms that employ highly experienced and educated specialists in translation of various materials from English into Russian. As a rule, such experts work only for tourists. However, there are also orders from legal bodies to translate business materials.